Coll-e-Derm™ is an Acellular Dermal Matrix
  • Coll-e-Derm™ is a prehydrated human acellular dermal matrix that retains angiogenin and collagen type IV. Angiogenin and collagen type IV may play a key role in supporting revascularization.
  • Using a proprietary, patented and gentle process, a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 is achieved, while retaining angiogenin and collagen type IV of native dermis.
  • Hydrated, packaged and stored at ambient temperature with a 2-year shelf life.
  • HCPCS: Q4193

Product Information

ADT22Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft2x2cm4382567000892
ADT23Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft2x3cm6382567000908
ADT24Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft2x4cm8382567000915
ADT44Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft4x4cm16382567000922
ADT46Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft4x6cm24382567000939
ADT48Coll-e-Derm™, Acellular Dermis Allograft4x8cm32382567000946