Restorigin™ is a Dual Layer Amniotic Membrane
  • Restorigin™ is a placental tissue allograft that may be used as a protective barrier in wound care applications. The natural properties of amniotic tissue provide mechanical protection and growth factors to support the management of acute and chronic wounds.
  • Proprietary processing of the tissue ensures that the natural structure and relevant characteristics are preserved.
  • Dehydrated, packaged, and terminally sterilized. Stored at ambient temperature with a 2-year shelf life.
  • HCPCS: Q4191 – Available in all Medicare jurisdictions after September 18.

Product Information

RGN-AM-0202Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin2x2cm4382567000830
RGN-AM-0203Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin2x3cm6382567000847
RGN-AM-0204Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin2x4cm8382567000854
RGN-AM-0404Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin4x4cm16382567000861
RGN-AM-0406Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin4x6cm24382567000878
RGN-AM-0408Restorigin™ Amnion Patch, Thin4x8cm32382567000885